Can public speaking make you a better leader?

Speaking in front of others is something every leader must do, and should do well. The better you become at public speaking, the better you become as a leader. It’s intuitive that this makes sense, right?

Today’s post is actually an entry on my “National Speakers Associationpage, so you’d be unlikely to read it without this convenient link:

The top ten list will save you time, because I’ve highlighted the best of the best. I composed the top ten list from memory – meaning, after three weeks, here are the key take-aways. They help me and they will most likely help you.

Great leaders know the value of being able to convey their vision, mission and brand. Great leaders create a compelling picture of the future. One that inspires passion and interest, and clearly communicates the organization’s values.

Make it a GREAT day, because if you don’t, who will? Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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  1. Hey JJ!

    Love the blog and the topic. As a public speaker and a leader, I find it much easier to speak on a topic that I am philosophically passionate about…than I do putting it into action…aka walking the talk.

    What I mean is that just being a great speaker is only level one, a great leader is one who can not only speak well, articulate a specific direction and how we are going to get there…but must lead by example (LIKE YOU).

    John Maxwell says it best:

    A leader is the one who:
    Knows the ways
    Goes the way and
    Shows the way

    So, in my own words, you must first walk the way before your show the way.

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