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jungle jeff is on a road trip.

While it was never a childhood dream to be a professional speaker, there is no other profession I have more passion around.

As our young son grows and dreams big dreams, it’s my role (and my wife’s), to teach him how to live on purpose and with purpose.

Business leader’s have that same responsibility.   In fact every leader, in every organization does.

On purpose.   With purpose.

Are you crystal clear on where you are headed?  Better yet, would your team say you are?

Today’s program begins with key leadership deliverables.  And it starts with your vision.

Do you believe in your vision?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Are others compelled to follow you? Are they inspired by it?  Will they do whatever it takes?

Do you communicate your vision constantly?  Passionately?  With purpose? On purpose?

I know an eight year old who would answer yes to all of the above. Eight. Ya with me?  Eight.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right – vision and passion should be out there for those to see and be led by or inspired by. The problem in this current state of the economy, though, is that there are a lot of people who are “trapped” in roles (as opposed to having no job at all) that do not reflect their vision or passion. The key, then, is to help those in that situation to not lose their personal vision and passion in the midst of the minutia of their current surroundings. Does their vision or passion still speak louder than their surroundings, or has it been squelched? If it has been squelched, then those people are just going through the day-to-day functions of life instead of thriving in the abundance of life. Translation for this is simple – they are just doing a job.


  2. Any advice on how to help those who are “trapped”? Bob, thank you for your comment for following jungle jeff.

  3. Jeff,

    My recommendation, and something I have done in the past, is to find an outlet to be able to pursue your passion, whether it is directly in the course of your “job” or outside of it. See, training/teaching/public speaking is my passion, but as my job evolved, I was doing less and less of my passion and more and more of what met the needs of the company (and still am). So that is when I applied for and took on being adjunct instructor for a local college on the side in addition to my normal job. I found an outlet to keep my passion alive.

    If a flowing stream becomes dammed up, the water has nowhere to go and becomes stagnant. It is no longer beneficial. Likewise, if your passions and vision become stopped with no way to continue to flow, you become stagnant. And again, your “leadership” is no longer beneficial. In scientific and physiological terms, it needs to be kenetic, and not static.

    You may not always be in the position to be paid for following your passion or vision, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop following it or inspiring others in it. Like Paul in the Bible, his passion was telling others about Christ, but his vocation was as a tentmaker. What did people see? It definitely was his passion.


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