Disney’s Jungle Cruise Attraction

Here’s a Disneyland You Tube Jungle Cruise Video, reportedly from 1956.

Fast forward to January 1982. Orlando, Florida. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. Straw hat, 100% polyester Disney costume, Disney haircut, Disney smile, ten-minute Disney spiel in hand.

Humor was not the focus in 1956, as it was when I was a Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper, “jungle jeff“, at The Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park in 1982.

Most Jungle Cruise Skippers added a word, like “jungle” in front of their real name, as part Disney tradition and part Disney show. All these years later, it still means something.  FUN!

By jeff noel

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  1. Yeah, a pair-o-docks. Hardy har-har. 🙂
    Classic Jungle Cruise, Mike, classic Jungle Cruise.
    The video , I thought, was not too funny.
    Walt must have spiced it up later.

  2. Some parts. If I rode the boat a few times, surely it would all come flooding back. 🙂 Plus, the hat, how cool is that straw hat? 🙂

  3. When did the humor of today come in? It’s the type that is right up my alley . . . “As you leave the boat, watch your head and watch your step. If you don’t watch your head, watch your language.”

  4. David, not sure when the humor was added, or started evolving. It sure has become a trademark though. Almost a “brand”. All the “Corn” you care to listen to.

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