Freakonomics And Sam Horn

I Love Freakonomics
I Love Freakonomics

You’ve probably heard of Freakonomics.

You probably have not heard of Sam Horn.

I met Sam Horn on LinkedIn.

Sam Horn loves quotes.  jeff noel loves quotes. In fact, jeff noel is addicted to quotes.

Sam feeds quotes to quote-addicted people like me.

She also speaks and writes.  And Sam Horn does them well, very well.

And if you have any common sense at all, you’ll trust me and click here to read this New York Times summary of her book, Tongue Fu.

I have six new ideas from reading this brief, but compelling angle to crafting your pitch, your elevator speech. Seriously.

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  1. Thanks for making my day, Jeff.

    Glad to hear you liked that NY Times article about POP! and Tongue Fu!

    If people would like to see video clips of me being interviewed about POP! or hear an audio excerpt from a presentation on Tongue Fu! – they are welcome to visit my websites and

    We have plenty of articles and tips on those sites that will hopefully be as helpful to people as they were to you.

    Thanks again for your generous post . . .

    Sam Horn

  2. Sam, you’re more than welcome. You have created an extraordinary personal brand. You do it differently and better than the pack. You POP! You teach me (and others for sure) without even knowing it. Thank you. See you at the next NSA conference?

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