Imagine, Snowball Marketing

Snowball Marketing?
Snowball Marketing?

Imagine if (random number) half your staff had blogs.  And they wrote about how your company helps people.

Imagine the people you select to blog, like this.  They are smart, professional people.  You already trust them to remain compliant with all your organization’s policies, while interacting with your customers on the phone, and face to face.

Imagine no rules are broken and no lines are crossed – the same way you currently assume your people are behaving in front of your customers.

Is this easy or difficult to imagine?

By jeff noel

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  1. Wow, Jeff.

    That is something that would require a couple of things a lot of companies can’t boast in doing.

    1) Employers trust their employees to represent the company’s name on and off the job in a good light.
    2) Employees feel trusted and reward the trust with mutual loyalty in return.

    So back to your question…is it easy or difficult to imagine? To be honest with you, the answer is “it depends.” There are companies and employees like I described above that are that way (see the annual “Top 100 Companies to Work For” in Fortune Magazine), and would feel comfortable with it. Yes, Disney would be one, but I am also thinking of “non-entertainment” sectors, like IT, where the turnover is usually incredible, and the “big brother” mentality eats away at trust. But then you have a company like SAS who has extreme loyalty and next to no turnover in an IT world! They trust their employees to do a great job, and in return, the employees rise to the occasion and also sing the praises of their employer.


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