iPad Pre-Order

Did you pre-order the Apple iPad today?

Almost did. 

Gonna wait.  Have enough new Apple products for now.

But man was I tempted, just to be an early adopter.

By jeff noel

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  1. If this was Facebook, I’d click on “Like”. =)

    Since we recently got new iPod touches, I half-considered an iPad, since it wasn’t much more than my iPod.

    It’s still the first iteration though…and it doesn’t fit in my pocket. =)

  2. In going to Apple website, I unfortunately discovered all the add on’s that raise the advertised $499 to well above that.

    Congrats on your iPod Touches. An Apple a day….

  3. Please keep us informed.

    For those of you who don’t Mike Reardon, he’s an amazing tech guy, a superb storyteller, a deep thinker, and about as big a Boston Red Sox fan as they come.

    Plus, his blog will inform, entertain and inspire you to look at many things differently. https://MikeReardononline.com

  4. Nice to read ya Mike. =)

    It’ll be interesting to see how tablet PC’s are affected, given that Apple is claiming that the iPad claims a different niche. Claiming a difference and changing preferences are two different things though. Time will tell…

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