Money, Money, Money….Money

Money, Money, Money….Money“.  The O’Jays, 1974, For The Love of Money.

I want to make a ton of money.  Seriously.  Enough to buy whatever I want.

First on my list:

  1. A Cure for Crohn’s disease

To take action, – to “put my money where my mouth is” – I’ve returned to school to earn my MBA.

Maybe that’ll be second on the list – pay off school loans.

By jeff noel

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    Congratulations on returning to school to get your MBA! That’s a big deal! But just remember one thing – once you get that degree, the degree is there, whether the money is or not. It may or may not bring on more money, but it will be something you can be proud of regardless!


  2. Dude…You did not tell me you were in school. Where are you attending for your MBA? Can’t wait to get mine in my hand. I understand the value, appreciate the knowledge but never cared for the process. Its tough to be a student. Hats off for joining the student, full time worker and father….hang on for your life 😉

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