Privacy Is A Myth

Pick one that still has potential to live on in society:

  • Privacy
  • Confidentiality

Privacy is dead.  It’s done.  Toast.  History.

Social media has insured that nothing is private anymore.  It’s no secret who you are and what you do – unless it’s hardly worth noticing.

Our only hope?  Confidentiality.  Otherwise known as trust with the spoken word.

Only fools still believe in privacy.  Businesses grapple with and “pray” about this everyday. Much the way the Music Industry grappled and prayed that Napster would go away.

It didn’t.  Thank you Napster.  And, iTunes.

Still skeptical?  Social media is here to stay, has overtaken pornography as the number one Internet activity, and as if that weren’t enough, enter You Tube:

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  1. Jeff,

    To add a twist to this, the concept of social media only accidentally took its idea of eliminating privacy from God. God’s been watching everything we do or don’t do since the beginning of time and is always “online.” 🙂 It’s just now people are finding it harder to hide the stuff that used to only be confidential between them and God.


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