Sense of Urgency

Sense of Urgency?
Sense of Urgency?

Reading a book has the potential to alter the way we behave. This can be a gift. It can also be a curse.

The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, was a gift.

Randy’s book helped me see the same things I always see, in a completely different light.

It was in the contemplative moments, inspired by his news, “You have about six months to live”, that really helped me see a blind spot.

A blind spot that most humans share.

Putting important things off because they are not urgent.

Health.  Family.  Spirit.  Life.  Legacy.

What does this have to do with leadership?

Do I really have to explain it?  Because if I do, it worries me that you still might not get it.

You will eventually, but what if someone disconnects your phone?

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  1. I was blessed with a Kindle for Christmas. The first book I downloaded was The Last Lecture. I’ve fallen asleep the last two nights trying to read it. Going to keep trying until I get it read.

    I get it!

  2. David, thanks for visiting. Have heard great things about the Kindle. It’s going to destroy the publishing industry, unless some publishing people find a creative, out of this world solution/alternative.

    The second book? Thanks for noticing it hasn’t been revealed yet. It won’t be anything people would expect, and it came out years ago. I’ll be sharing that later. Got a little side tracked.

  3. The Last Lecture was required reading at Saint Francis as a freshman for my son. What a great way to start molding an 18 y/o’s mush. I read the book, then watched the lecture…they really made me think.

  4. Mike, it’s so cool to see teachers having the vision to help young adults learn about accepting responsibility for making their lives great, no matter their circumstance. Rock on visionary teachers.

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