Naggers Are Lovers

Randy Pausch in his book, The last Lecture, proposes that nagging people are really lovers. He didn’t say that, I’m just rephrasing what he wrote to make a point.

People nag others because they care, although it doesn’t seem so.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this.

When people stop nagging you, it means they’ve given up on you.

It’s an educated guess that you’ve never considered this angle before. Nagging seems so negative.

Nagging is actually positive.

Are you going to find ten minutes in your life to watch Will Smith’s passion and wisdom?

It will be the best ten minutes you invest this year.

We’ll there’s better stuff out there, but you’ll most likely never find it. I probably will. And then nag you to pay attention. Maybe.

Are you willing to take that chance?

Ten minutes.

Only a fool would pass on this.

I guess.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, first time on your blog. I like the Will Smith video. I am a believer. Remember, a dream without a plan is a hallucination.

    As for nagging, the wife and I spend time with daughter #3 and her counsellor trying to help her understand what was said above…we nag because we love you, know you are capable of better, and want to enable you for success in life.

  2. Great investment of 10 minutes. Thank you.

    Everything is impossible until someone does. Why not be the someone?

  3. Skip, it is great to have you visit here. Welcome.
    Prayers and thoughts for you and your wife to find the wisdom and guidance you need to assist your daughter. Is there any thing we can do here in this blogger community? Please let us know. SF, jeff 🙂
    PS., am I allowed to use SF, or must I be a Marine, like you?

  4. Mike, you had me stumped for a minute with your email address. Didn’t recognize you .
    You’re right Mike, it’s always impossible until someone comes along and does it.
    That’s the way I feel about raising enough money to find a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
    I’ll probably add a permanent link on the right column, I love Will Smith’s video so much. 🙂

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