Transform Lives

Reap What You Sow
Reap What You Sow



What do those two words have in common?

By jeff noel

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  1. They are both non-specific, attitudinal words. “I want to transform my life (WHAT?, be specific, set specific, achievable goals)”. “I just know that is impossible.” It is impossible to eat an elephant in one meal, but it can be done one spoonful at a time, over time. Create a daily habit of achieving little achievable goals and next thing you know the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS GONE…POOF!

  2. Jake, very nice to see your smiling face here.

    Would like to agree and disagree. And will clarify later.

    Indecision may or may not be my problem. Not sure.

  3. Can you see the butterfly in the caterpillar?

    Some folks only think transformation is impossible until they see it happen.

    The ones see what can be and ask why not are the ones who spread their wings and show everyone else the way.

  4. Still holding onto these two words as some of the most powerful and most important in our entire language.

    For example, being an alcoholic and overcoming it.

    Being an employee to being an employer.

    Being disabled to breaking barriers.

  5. Walt Disney transformed the cartoon business, the amusement park business, and many other things related to high quality Family entertainment. Walt Disney did what most people thought was “impossible”. Now, it’s simply business as usual. Nice to see you here David. have a GREAT weekend everybody.

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