Walt Disney’s Birthday

Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901.  Yesterday, if Walt Disney was still alive, he would have been 108.

Some people actually live that long.  Walt Disney did not.  Not even close.

Walt Disney’s death on December 15, 1966 shocked the world.

It didn’t shock The Walt Disney World Resort, because construction for Walt Disney World hadn’t begun at the time of Walt Disney’s death.

Walt Disney World, or, EPCOT – Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – as it was called at the time of Walt Disney’s death, did not open until October 1, 1971.

People can only begin to fantasize about what the World would be like if Walt Disney were still alive.

By jeff noel

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  1. I know I for one am very glad he was here to make the world a much nicer place to be in. I love the vision that he had. Not to many people can make so many people feel the way he could make people feel. I think about him often and wish he were still here.

  2. thank you, we only have one more room (living room) to do then house will be complete. I have been told I should open it up for tours lol. I do love it……you can never run out of things to display. Especially at Christmas. It is very disney festive around here.

  3. Dear Jeff,

    While reading this, I was reminded of something my pastor often says. In talking about what you are doing in a larger scale, he says, “I want my investments to outlive me.”

    Walt Disney’s investments into the imagination of people worldwide truly have outlived him.


  4. Yes indeed. One of the reasons, I believe, Walt Disney’s ideas live on today is that he never made any of us believe he was trying to get rich from his work.

    He made us believe he cared about us living a better life. He made us laugh, cry, dream, believe, and he even made us care for his legacy.

    Can you imagine what would happen today, if someone out there tried to make Walt look bad?

  5. Jeff,

    You have a good point. People may try to besmirch current leadership or managment just because they can, but attacking a legacy of of someone’s work that has impacted so many people would be ignored by everyone as “unfounded.”

    You are blessed to get to work in an environment so uniquely shaped to continue touching others. Most people don’t have that kind of work environment. I think that is why even adults still enjoy “escaping” to DisneyWorld.


  6. Bob, I often wonder if I would have been a street-sweeper, if I would have swept as Michelangelo painted. Martin Luther King said something once, to that effect.

    Maybe I would have helped invent a better broom, or found a way to convince people not to litter.

    Dream big everyone, no matter where you work or what you do. Carpe diem.

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