You’ll Never Come Up With Anything Original

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”.   — Sir Ken Robinson

Ok, just know this up front, this video is 19 minutes.  And I guarantee if you are smart enough to watch it, you will thank me for finding it.

Click here to be enlightened and to laugh pretty hard too.

Stick your head in the sand? Ok, sounds good.  Later.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

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  1. Jeff,
    I’m still making my way through this video. But I absolutely love it so far. Meg & I are great believers in an effective education. With her art background and my music background, we’ve heard creativity stressed a lot and have grown a great appreciation for it.
    We plan to homeschool for the kids’ younger years, partially for the points that are made by Sir Robinson.
    Wow…creative at first with it being educated out of them. Mind boggling.
    Maybe I’ll have more comments as I make my way through the video.
    Open the Gates…

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