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Bucket of blueberries
Hi, i’m jeff and i like blueberries.


Bucket of blueberries
Hand-picked yesterday.


About jeff noel…

As the trusted, authoritative voice on the Disney approach to business excellence, jeff noel uses Disney’s common sense business insights and personal Disney examples from his 30 years delivering and teaching the Disney Magic at Walt Disney World and around the globe. jeff excites and challenges individuals and organizations to enhance their own unique brand of organizational vibrancy by using Disney’s cultural blueprints as their guide.

For over three decades, jeff noel has inspired countless leaders and thousands of companies to discover ways to transformationally impact their corporate culture and the people they serve. He motivates others through engaging immersion in the five-category leadership chain of excellence. Unique to jeff is the opportunity to learn from his powerful backstage research, and understand first-hand how Disney strategies and tactics are “operationalized” for daily business excellence. Leaders walk away understanding how jeff’s content architecture can be adapted and applied to any employee at any level, and any company, in any industry.


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What is this blog about?

Orlando Based Motivational Speaker


Orlando Based Motivational Speaker
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This blog is about money.

Money is what humans get in exchange for their contribution to society.

More is not necessarily better. And be careful what you wish for.

It’s about our career ambitions and courage.

It’s about art, being remarkable, and excelling at the thing that we do that makes the world better.

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