No really

No, this time i mean it!

Three cubs are rare. Three determined efforts to transform is rare too.

No, this time i really mean it!



Quit drinking.

Oh, and writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts for 100 consecutive days.

Both succeeded only after two failed attempts at, ” No, this time i really mean it!”

They say third time’s a charm.

True that.

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Professionally Speaking

Will we rise to the occasion when it’s called for?

rethink work

Will we rise to the occasion when it’s called for? No work while on vacation? How many of us need to sneak work just to keep up and not be overwhelmed when we return to work from a week’s vacation?

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Could This Change Your Life?

Painfully Simple: Everyday Or Not At All

Captiva Island, Florida general store, 2010….

When you tell me to stop, I’ll stop. Until then, here’s another example of leadership behavior – dreaming of a brighter future.

There are painful times in our lives when we must swallow a bitter pill – the truth.

Bottom line, I had two choices when it came to drinking, everyday, or not at all. December 30, 2001 was the last time.

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No really

Are You A Workaholic?

What Is Normal?
What Is Normal?

Are you a workaholic?

Overcoming Disability

Overcoming disability.  Yes.  An invisible disability.  For real.

Spoke a week ago about overcoming addiction. and that I’d elaborate on that.  Not quite ready too.

Meanwhile, thought I’d layer on another challenging situation I’ve worked through.  Overcoming disability.

Not ready to elaborate on that either.

It almost makes me angry, the vibe I get from people who think I have no idea what darkness and dispair look like. What impossible odds look like.  What fear and self-doubt look like.

I can almost hear people say, “You talk a good talk Jeff, but you have no idea what I’m going through”.

We have a saying in the small Pennsylvania town I grow up in, “Bullcrap”!

Writing this makes me stronger.  Hope reading it makes you stronger.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂