Dear Son, great review in the car this morning…

  (photo: July 16, 2014… At 13 he’s taller than his dad) Dear Son, so awesome to have you home after your eight-day middle school trip to New York City. On the list below, the first characteristic we’ve been talking about since you could talk. The second one has been on the radar for only […]

(how is that possible?)

  Imagine a great group of coaches. Coaches successful at helping others fix their work culture. And then ask the coaches if they use the same principles they preach in their own internal work group. Imagine the response. The obvious answer is ‘yes, absolutely’. But imagine the obvious answer not being the answer. Now imagine asking jeff noel […]

Eight days until April Fool’s Day

  One of the most difficult challenges we will ever undertake is the opportunity to live life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about us, no one would believe it. Apple has been the most admired company in the world for seven straight years. This is the DNA of the overachiever. And the game […]