Final 120 Days

Collaborated with our Son and a trusted colleague

Lee Cockerell highly recommends this book.

Collaborated with our Son and a trusted colleague to run a few thoughts by them before i sent an email or made a phone call to the event owner in yesterday stories over the past week.

The colleague referred to a book (photo above) Lee Cockerell highly recommends.

While i will likely never read it, there was solace provided by my colleague in his recommendation.

Basically, do not compromise on your video and audio recording are strictly prohibited.

Son, this is why working at Disney takes special people to constantly give much more than any industry standard for resolving Customer, Employee, or Vendor tensions. Not all people are able to do this generously, for a lifetime. Some are challenged to do it for a single day.

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Dear Son, great review in the car this morning…

Two teens at Sanibel beach


(photo: July 16, 2014… At 13 he’s taller than his dad)

Dear Son, so awesome to have you home after your eight-day middle school trip to New York City.

On the list below, the first characteristic we’ve been talking about since you could talk.

The second one has been on the radar for only two weeks (pre-trip conversations).

Three and four introduced in the car going to school this morning.

  1. Honesty
  2. Behave admirably
  3. Self control
  4. Personal responsibility

Three and four deliver one and two.

You are ready for all of them now.

Your life will rise or fall on these.

It is the same for every human.

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The Chronicles of Nuwanda

(how is that possible?)

Christmas day in front of the tree
Four-plus months later, he has yet to read the book (how is that possible?)


Imagine a great group of coaches. Coaches successful at helping others fix their work culture.

And then ask the coaches if they use the same principles they preach in their own internal work group.

Imagine the response.

The obvious answer is ‘yes, absolutely’. But imagine the obvious answer not being the answer.

Now imagine asking jeff noel if his son has read the book, Mid Life Celebration. It was released eight months ago.

The answer would appear to be obvious.

In both cases, what if the the answer included…

Nothing is as it appears to be. -Albert Einstein

In one case, the results are not intentional.

In the other, leadership is using patience as strength.

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Professionally Speaking

Eight days until April Fool’s Day

Disneys Monorail from very unique angle
To get this angle takes special awareness.


One of the most difficult challenges we will ever undertake is the opportunity to live life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about us, no one would believe it.

Apple has been the most admired company in the world for seven straight years.

This is the DNA of the overachiever.

And the game changer.

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It's Not Over Rated

It may not seem so, but everybody is watching us

One man on giant dark stage, with spotlight
It may not seem so, but everybody is watching us


Do we behave in an admirable way that would inspire others to behave in the same admirable way?

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