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Great leaders overmanage what other leaders don’t

Disney culture model
i spent 15 years speaking full time, explaining this simple model to outsiders. Photo: Disney Institute training materials.


Disney great leaders
Screen shot of Disney Institute video featuring answers to the question, from Disney Leaders.


Notes from a lifetime at Disney
Notes from a lifetime at Disney


Bottom photo, catch the 2007 date in upper left?

Overmanaged the details of every speech i gave since 1999. In the notes above, here’s the back story deciphered:

  • While flying from Orlando to Minneapolis i brainstormed some topics that would share my personal experience with the conference theme.
  • Left Pennsylvania for Washington State with $75, on a bicycle.
  • As a Disney Resort Operations Manager, i “got my throat ripped out” everyday, by a Guests so angry, their jugular veins were “popping out”.
  • Every year i was the closing manager New Year’s Eve and opening manager New Year’s Day. Think about that one.
  • Waited 13 years before asking for Christmas week off and didn’t get it. Got it in my 14th year. True story.
  • Received my 5-years of Disney Service award pin two months late, in an interoffice envelope.
  • I chased a national championship as a Masters Track & Field 400 meter runner.
  • Generated 50% more sales leads than the next highest team member. The next year reached that same number in seven months instead of 12.
  • In 2007, i drove an 18-year old car. Now my car is 27 years old.

Funny how you unearth a random note page, a relic from your past, and it floods you with awe and wonder, and a smile of gratitude.




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Could This Change Your Life?

Enjoy it all, even the parts that aren’t too much fun

The metaphor’s application is deep and broad…

yard work

Enjoy it all, even the parts that aren’t too much fun.

Looking at the blog categories in the right column, it was challenging to find the exact fit for the above sentence’s essence. Where would you put it?

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So What?

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it

leadership characteristics
some leaders are always looking for more power
power struggle
was power, greed at the root?

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it. Terrorists, and peaceful people, have leaders. And every leader is telling a story about what they value, whether they are aware of it or not.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

Adversity Doesn’t Develop Character

World traveler, Jack the Bear, lives next to Walt Disney World.
The bear's owner, 11, has had six colonoscopies so far. He's one tough kid.

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it revels it.

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Simple Tip for Big Picture Thinking

What inspires people to spend time on “big picture thinking“?  I mean, most leaders are insanely busy.  Who’s got time for it?  Seriously.  And yet we forget:

“Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it”.

It’s incumbent on leaders to figure this out, isn’t it?  To find time for the inspiration to think big picture, and contemplate a better future.  These opportunities present themselves to us constantly and surround us everyday.  It could be as simple as spending a moment looking out a window on the descent of your flight.  For example:

Alaskan Glaciers from the Delta flight descending into Anchorage, Alaska yesterday.

Today is anther opportunity to be a great leader. Hope we are all up for the challenge.