Humbled by the career aging process

WW II books


(photo: Nursing Home resident’s few belongings)

Humbled by the career aging process.

Everyone at Brookview and Cedarbrook has a story.

Each one contributing to society in their own unique way.

And now, it’s a bit like an unsolved mystery. No one knows. Decent chance no one cares.

What does this mean to us working folk?

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The great Summer of 2012

I’m on to something and you’re the first to hear about it

no, i haven’t started drinking again…there’s always a lot of courage when you’re drunk

There’s something to this and you’re the first to hear about it. Aging scares many people. So does retirement. We shouldn’t be afraid of either. But we are. And the end result is we avoid thinking about endings. Have already begun changing that… been working on it for 3.5 years so far…

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