Orlando’s jungle jeff Air Tran WOW!

Orlando’s jungle jeff is still talking about his Air Tran experience.

OK, this is the final Air Tran installment – two more jeff noel You Tube videos.

This is all my eight-year old son’s fault.   When he was born, I shelved our 35mm SLR camera with the wide-angle and telephoto lens, and bought a Sony digital camera – the smallest, pocket-style one they made.  I currently have the Sony T-70.  It’s always in my pocket.  Always!

The best way to get people enthusiastic is to be enthusiastic.

Don’t believe it.  Try getting people to be enthusiastic about something important, using a sincere lack of enthusiasm.  Ya with me?

So here are Air Tran You Tube videos – parts two and three:

So what does all this mean?

At the end of the second video (part three), you hear me say, “Are you trying to get better everyday?  I know Air Tran is”?

Are the people around you committed to getting better?  I bet they are.

But if they’re not, take a look in the mirror.  Do you see a mountain of enthusiasm?

Best wishes for continued success.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

PS.  While everyone is working desperately hard to survive these turbulent economic times, there is also an invisible opportunity in our midst.  I’ll write more about it later.

jeff noel Intrigued by Air Tran’s style

Walt Disney and jeff noel.

Two crazy (in a good way) men.

Both lived much of their lives with many people thinking and saying, “He’s crazy”!

I often have to clarify for our eight-year old son, when I say something “crazy“, that I meant it as a figure of speech.

Rather than clarify with text this time, here’s a You Tube jeff noel video.  At the end of this post, I may or may not share an additional crazy insight.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

PS. Please know that I’m not endorsing Air Tran, but rather, making some simple observations that impressed me.  How can that ever be a bad thing – the observing things that impress you, I mean?