How often does your work feel like play?

When you click on the video you will get a message and a link to “watch it on You Tube” – click that. Take note of the video’s timeline…you may have to manually start the video at the beginning.


How often does your work feel like play?

If you can spare 48 minutes, you’ll treat yourself to inspiring business insights from a guy who in 1994 started an online bookselling business.

Now, 24 years later, he’s the richest man in the world.

This isn’t about getting rich, it’s about being creative to offer the world something it wants.

Have fun.

If you aren’t, ask yourself how much fun you are to work with.

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Rewriting Mid Life Celebration Amazon book summary

Disney culture author jeff noel
Signed 45 books.


Mid Life Celebration book
Lined up in alphabetical order.


Rewriting Mid Life Celebration Amazon book summary:

Excuses, regrets, second chances. i wish this book would have been available when i was 16 years old.


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Yesterday’s Amazon book review

Mid Life Celebration book at Disney University
Photo taken three days ago.


Received this Amazon book review yesterday.

This beautifully written, life changing book was the ‘right book at the right time’ for me. Inspirational, poignant and full of wisdom, there were many times that I felt that the Jeff was writing directly to me. I am reprioritizing and recommitting to myself and my life moving forward. This was my wakeup call!

Help like you mean it.

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Bait and switch?

New balance Running shoes
The product numbers don’t match,


Bait and switch?

Another pair of New Balance 1080SB5’s arrived yesterday – a Sunday. Opened the correctly labeled box to confirm accuracy. Inside, however, was a pair of women’s running shoes.

Started to smell hassle factor. What to do?

Clicked the delivery notice email link and in about two minutes, had everything needed to:

  1. Have the replacement shoes arrive in just two days.
  2. Have the return package re-sealed and sitting on the porch for UPS pickup today.

No return sticker was required. Plus, the existing packaging had a subtle yet convenient pre-made sealer for returns. An email containing a one-sheeter with tracking number to go inside the package.

Totally impressed.

It was a nice wow.

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Amazon rejected jeff noel’s review of Lee Cockerell’s latest book

Walt Disney revealing EPCOT


Wrote Lee Cockerell’s latest Amazon book review yesterday. Amazon responded saying they couldn’t post it as written. Read the guidelines. Didn’t understand. Sent an appeal, at their invitation.

We’ll see what happens.

Here’s the original:

Lee Cockerell is a Time Management Deity. His inspiring message is clear, concise, and compelling. A brilliant double dose of not only “how”, but “why”. Imagine the time pressures and delivery expectations of being in charge of 40,000 Disney Cast Members for a decade. The best thing you can do after reading Lee’s book(s) is to subscribe to his Podcasts. To have access to Lee in this manner is priceless. It will change your life, like it did mine.

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