The things we need to say goodbye to

American Idol sign at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Be careful what we wish for (note to self)


Take ownership of our career.

We know this.

And learn to let go of the things that negatively creep into our personal space.

It’s toxic.


The things we need to say goodbye to dramatically increase our odds of achieving more.

Letting go propels us forward.

But be forewarned…

Don’t let your blind ambition erase your intuition.

It’s tough being ambitious in an overly competitive world.

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Spring Fever? Top of the World?

Small home on Disney's Train display near Epcot's Germany
Today’s photos taken from the top of the world at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Notice what’s on the chimney? (Photo: Epcot, near Germany)


For several decades Disney’s California Grill was called ‘Top of the World‘.

Today’s blog photo’s were taken on a rare, overcast day just down the street from our home, from the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

And today is the first day of Spring 2014 (as this post is written).

Today is also the first day of a month long vacation (as this goes live June 28).

Writing 100 days ahead offers the security of never revealing when work is done from home or when it’s from out of town.

Think about how quietly important that is and why.

Makes the advance writing seem much more reasonable.

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Does climbing the ladder at work have an insidiously devastating outcome on our authenticity?

farmer stuff
Thought this photo was worth a second look (climb that ladder).


Fear is attachment to things, outcomes, and people. Becoming unattached doesn’t mean we don’t care. It means freedom from fear.

How this manifests itself in climbing the ladder at work has an insidiously devastating outcome on our authenticity.

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Because the herd follows the same direction, we accept this

Motivational quote on living without regret
Who wants to be the richest person n the graveyard?


When we stop climbing to feed our need for self worth in title and pay, we start climbing to feed our need for authenticity and contribution.

Because the herd follows the same widely accepted, well worn direction, we accept this as normal and follow along.

That getting ahead requires us to be better than the others vying for the same position.

And the only way to stand out – to be selected – is to shine brighter than our peers.

This creates a prison cell for small, justifiable deceit to flourish in our soul.

And it insidiously compromises our authentic self.

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