Top 5 American Idol 2019

L-R: Wade, Laci, Alejandro, Laine, Madison.

Top 5 American Idol 2019…

Wade, Laci, Alejandro, Laine, Madison.

Wade has the most distinctive (think Louis Armstrong) voice.

Alejandro is the most original, authentic artist.

Laci is the beauty queen.

Laine is the Clark Kent of the group.

And Madison is in High School.

Different will win.

Will it be the voice or the art? The other three, i believe, are not serious contenders – great singers but great singers are common.

Son, there are many great writers, yet there are always openings for people who can write a book (or anything) like Life of Pi.

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The best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining

T-shirt horror
Terrorist have one goal – terrorize


A military friend told me that if we think 9/11 was awful, we haven’t seen anything yet.

He said imagine terrorists sneaking a nuclear bomb onto a container ship and the ship ends up docking at a port like New York City.

If we think 3k (innocent) American casualties was horrendous, image 3M.

Got it?

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