Lucky for us he got caught (and fired)

40 years since the interview. Visiting Sanibel since 1989.

Lucky for us he got caught (and fired).

Without that interview, we would have never met.

Without the vacancy created by his firing, and without me being on the alternate’s list (wasn’t good enough to make the first round selection), i wouldn’t have been positioned to be interviewed.

Ellie (unintentionally) caught him sneaking beer into the dorm. She could have given him a warning but there were other student witnesses.

Ellie was forced to terminate his coming year contract.

What are the odds?

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Halloween has a second significant meaning

University of North Florida map
University of North Florida


If we don’t make a fuss over these milestones and anniversaries, no one will.

Disney taught me to make a fuss over the details that most rarely fuss over.


Because over managing the details that others under manage or ignore is the secret sauce for world class results.

One year ago today, i turned in my full-time Disney Cast Member id and received a brand new Disney Cast Member Retiree id.

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We moved here so we could work there

Goofy and Cheryl Noel 1984
We moved here so we could work there


Ever pack up everything you own, including your comfort zone, and move far away to pursue a dream?

The risk versus reward analysis. The starting over. The potential dividends. The commitment.

It all paints a tapestry of our lives.

Today, we hang our flag high and enjoy it blowing in the breeze as the world turns.

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