iPhone 3GS & jungle jeff?

Apple, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and jungle jeff?

Why wouldn’t you want the fastest, most versatile computer in your pocket?  Seriously.  Think about it.

Gizmodo has a thorough iPhone 3GS review.

I can’t wait to get one.  But wait I shall.


Want to get the rumored $100 Netbook computer for opening a new ATT account.

Plus, my learning curve on the MacBook I bought in April is still keeping me busy enough.

I didn’t think my alarm clock was ever going to go off this morning.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Am I boring?

Am I boring?

Scary thought.  Sometimes I’m convinced I am. Know how I can tell?

Soon after I became a professional speaker a decade ago, a wise person told me, “Jeff, if you look out at your audience, and they looked bored, you’re boring them”. I’ve never forgotten that wisdom.

At risk every single day – failing them and boring them.  The two mortal sins public speakers commit most often.

Want the good news?

I don’t do it nearly as frequently as I used to.  Plus, I’ve also learned to recognize and react more effectively.

So, may I please ask you a question?  Are you boring?

Want to test yourself?

Read your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself, “Is this something that captures attention and motivates the reader to read.  Or, is it like so many others that people don’t even bother”?

At the core of this is your intent for using LinkedIn, in my opinion.

It’s tough out there.  If you don’t figure it out, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff