Create our art for one purpose and one purpose only

To find a way to get people to think so differently about common sense that they feel like their life moving forward will never again be the same.

Do we know why we do what we do?

Are we crystal clear?

Mostly, we weren’t really keyed in. But something happened in the past (say, 1999) that made work different.



And so on this special milestone day, April Fool’s, a thought. A deep, profound thought.

Whatever we do for a living, there is much to be done before ever showing up to do our work.

And ultimately, in reality, there is very little time to do what needs to be done while our customers are there with us.

But at the end of the day, everything we do to create our art is for one purpose, and one purpose only…

After all our searching, we arrive where we started (1st sentence) and recognize it for the first time.

Um, if you want to read today’s final post about our opportunity to be be CEO of “You, Inc“, click here.


Milestone Monday, that’s what I’m calling it

Trashed Marlboro box in the sand
take boring and redundant and add deadly to it


Milestone Monday, that’s what I’m calling it. What else would you call it? I mean, Monday marks the beginning of the fifth year of writing five daily, differently-themed blogs.

So four full and complete years equals 7,300 blog posts (365 x 4 x 5= 7,300).

Truth be told, it’s closer to 7.8k.

This is an insignificant fact in everyone’s life except mine. I get that.

What is not insignificant in anyone’s life is the ability to persevere.

And perhaps, that’s the hidden gem in what might seem like a boring, redundant routine…

* * * * *

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