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Will be returning to Disney Institute full time in May

Disney Customer Service Speakers


(photo: 2004 Disney collateral piece.)

Will be returning to Disney Institute full time in May.

It was painful to leave Disney last Halloween.

But something bigger needed attention.

Now, after a six month absence, we have agreed to return to Disney Institute as CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer.

Crazy, right?

Sorry, April Fools.

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April Fools #4

Toxic work environments happen mostly because we are ambitious and busy.

Very, very busy.

Too busy to be crystal clear.

Too busy to be concise.

Too busy to be compelling.

Yet never too busy to demand results.



April Fools.

Yesterday’s ‘really gonna miss this’ announcement was an April Fool’s joke.

Hat tip to Seth Godin for the video share.

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Could This Change Your Life?

You’re really, really gonna miss this

Orlando based keynote speakers


Boldness and courage are wonderful, even critical, in certain situations.

We are really going to miss this if the world ever encounters a void in leadership.

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