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Boring versus not perfect

ATT International text
Wifi is the best option. But that means no checking for messages as soon as you land. Weird.


Reliable (aka boring, because of it’s predictability ) versus something that’s not perfect, not reliable? Which would you pick? A reliably consistent speaker who entertains the audience and looks good onstage in their cuff links or pearl necklace? Or would you pick the unpredictable artist who is likely to say things that some might take offense to, or at the very least, listen in disbelief, while others – sitting beside them – have the missing link that launches their transformation?




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No really

Why is there no soul in perfection?

Mary Poppins at Epcot's United Kingdom
Practically Perfect in every way? (photo from last night)


There is no soul in perfection.

The world is set on fire with grit, courage, art.

Are we too imperfect to be moved by perfection?

Rising from our ashes is our art.

Be that kind of artist leader.

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Anyone Else Think Like This?

Paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, and so on

Montessori Art Festival
We generally think of art as the creation of something visual.


Last night’s Montessori School (Toddlers to 8th grade) Art Festival was inspiring. And isn’t that the way we frame up (heuristically?) our definition of art?

Paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, and so on.

Think about what you do for a living 20 to 80+ hours a week.

Do you ever think of yourself as an artist?

And if no, why?

If yes, how hard do you push yourself?

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Video Sharing

Wondering what your art should look like?


Wondering what your art should look like?

Will you ever commit to your answer?

Even if we choose not to decide, it’s still our choice.

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Update 100 days later: He didn’t make it to the top 20. Based on his audition, thought he had a shot of going the distance.

Inspirational Nuggets

An art form learned gradually is better than hitting the lottery

List of wish list criteria
Use these three to guide your 2015 wish making: Imagination, hope, joy.


Personal leadership is the gradually learned art of making our challenges so compelling to solve and their potential solutions so valuable that we can not wait to get started on them each day.

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