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Knowing when

The pack train also delivers and picks up here.

Knowing when to stop and to start is art.

Art is creating.

Art is not science.

We will fail and succeed at stopping and starting, but only if we create starts and stops.

Art is experimenting.

Art is asking, what if?

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Video Sharing

Steve Jobs speaks about failure in this 90-second video

Steve Jobs speaks about failure in this 90-second video. Steve’s key message? Ask!



Had no idea the tablet was the first path and by mistake, they stumbled onto the iPhone imperative.

Who knew?

And how does this inspire any of us to think and act differently today, or tomorrow?

Especially when it would be far easier to stay on the pre-planned path.

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One Question A Day?

Dear readers, what do you wish you would have asked?

Plaque at Health Central Hospital honoring William Booth
William, did you know your one-word vision would stir human souls?


What’s one question you’d love to ask the greatest leader you’ve ever known (including historical leaders from long ago)?

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One Question A Day?

Who’s to blame, the one who doesn’t say, or the one who doesn’t ask?

window sign - hope
look closely (backwards)… is hope enough?



You’re in an important meeting. The leader is looking for input. The team is looking for direction.

The leader talks the most. Most people don’t say (contribute) much, if anything.

Eventually the meeting ends.

Both groups depart feeling cheated in a way.

Who’s to blame, the one who doesn’t say, or the one who doesn’t ask?

People are quiet, not because they have nothing to say, but because they do not feel their opinion is valued.

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Being Brave

Being Brave Means Asking For Help

Words to live by.

Being brave means asking for help. When we’re younger, we do this constantly, because we don’t know much. When we’re older, we do it sparingly because we know a ton. Plus, we don’t want to look stupid. But we rarely reach a point where we know enough to no longer need to ask. This post by Lee Cockerell illustrates the basics brilliantly.

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