Is simplicity the wonder drug for organizational culture?

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CEO of YouSendIt, Brad Garlinghouse, snippets from an interview Adam Bryant (NYT weekend Biz section and author, The Corner Office) did recently. Recently received the condensed and edited interview notes, and then edited it some more:

  • be in (passionate)
  • be real (authentic)
  • be bold (innovative)

Added italicized personal interpretation.

What Brad did apparently, was to make them the corporate values. Simplicity is power.

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What one thing did we learn today that will make tomorrow better?

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confidence is every employee’s best friend


What one thing did we learn today that will make tomorrow better?

Yes, difficult challenging to think about this each day, let alone actually do it.

Can we hear an example? Sure…

Yesterday, caught myself feeling remarkable during a half-day program.

But in a flash, it was crystal clear. Teacher’s high.

I (re)learned that desire, confidence, ownership, humor and purpose are, well, indestructible.

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His enthusiasm was contagious

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enthusiasm is slightly more contagious than the lack of enthusiasm


His enthusiasm was contagious as he spoke to the group on a tour at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park yesterday morning. He knew it to be true by the looks on the audiences’ faces. And by one brave individual’s private question.

The question was a test of his authenticity. The speaker passed with flying colors.

Insight: You can’t fake joy.

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