LinkedIn profile (retired) Thanksgiving Day 2013

  November 28, 2013… retired this long-standing LinkedIn profile. Time for a change. And added Published Author to the resume. Bottom line, my goal is to see you reach yours. An organization’s greatest internal goal must provide daily inspiring outcomes for front line employees. Because front line employees don’t go to work thinking, “How can […]

Blogging isn’t the product, it’s the preparation

Sitting at Starbucks yesterday, contemplating the options for Mid Life Celebration’s website landing page, this video had me realize something.     My business centers on speaking. Prolific blogging and writing are simply the equivalent to an Olympic athlete staying in shape and honing her skills and abilities. Blogging isn’t the product, it’s the preparation. […]

Super Freak She’s Super Freaky

Okay, the human mind is remarkably strange.  This Rick James song from long ago is in my head. Why? Because I’ve just reflected on the past two jungle jeff blog posts. Wake up calls. Corporate down-sizing. Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack. It’s all kinda freaky, super freaky. The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch. Pancreatic cancer. Wife. Three […]