It Would Seem Like A Common Sense Decision To Go, To Make Mistakes, To Make Progress

How many in that cemetery, on their death bed, said they would have done it differently

The beautiful and wonderful thing about humans is that each of us is made so uniquely special. Deep down, every Baby Boomer knows this. As we get older, wiser, and more anxious about death (if we’re smart), we can leverage this moment in our lives – to do something great.

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How Often Do Baby Boomers Hear Great Things Can Be Attributed To Common Sense?

jeff noel is here to lead The Movement, a common sense approach to personal responsibility

Yesterday concluded November’s jungle jeff posts with the category, Am I The Only One. December is dedicated to Common Sense. This could be our golden ticket to life work balance and overall wellness. Boomers, how often do we hear about great things being attributed to common sense application?

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