Industry stereotypes are driven by truths and lies


A line from a Jimmy Buffett song…

In my line of work, i seem to see a lot more than most.

As a business advisor, i see leaders and organizations that are unhealthy.

Hundreds of organizations.

Thousands of leaders.

Many are so unhealthy, their corporate culture gets tainted and poisoned to a point of no return.

Like Wells Fargo.

And then a traumatic episode, not excluding Chapter 11 (metaphorical death).

Wells Fargo didn’t “die”.

Maybe they should have based on the egregious acts on such a large scale.

Why didn’t they file Chapter 11?

Because Banking has such a poor reputation that we weren’t appalled enough to go somewhere else?


Because literally every large bank has committed similar sins.

The people who win in these events are the great speech writers and video editors.

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