Beach leadership

Ahern Pass is the antithesis of the beach. Same CEO though.

Beach leadership.

Crazy concept.

Just thought of it.

What i need and want from a beach trip has evolved and on this trip it’s particularly pronounced.

A week of cold and clouds on Sanibel Island is happening for a reason.

The beach is a passive environment.

It’s my job as CEO of Me, Inc to discern the opportunity.

Whatever i discover, let it be fun, exciting, and meaningful.

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You Know What He Told Me?

Business Consultant
Business Consultant

Ever ask a nine-year old for business advice?  I did recently.

Pondering the pros and cons of going solo versus partnering, on a special project.  So, just for kicks, I asked my son (9).

He said, “Two heads are better than one”.

For the next few minutes, my son and I waited for our friend to arrive.

The correct answer in hand, we had a great meeting.