Like Steve Jobs’ early struggles, many entrepreneurs know these first hand

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Story structure is pretty simple, and true


Like Steve Jobs’ early struggles, many entrepreneurs know these same struggles first hand.

How do we take a crazy notion and convince a busy world to slow down for a moment of honest consideration?

It’s a bit like being an adventurer or explorer.

If it was easy, or reasonable, it would already be mainstream.

This challenge taunts our spirit. The same spirit that has the power to ignite and inspire a world to change.

This makes the entrepreneur’s existence come alive.

There is so much BS claiming balance is a myth that no one even questions it anymore.

Well, there’s still at least one.

Crazy fool to believe?

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Where Does The Road To Excellence Begin And End?

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Just the other day I was visiting Disney's Magic Kingdom....
The more things change, the more they stay the same...
Walt said it would never be completed. It would always be improving.

The road to excellence begins in the mind, body, and spirit of you and me. So the origin is quite literally the same for all of us – birth. Where we take it from there is as different and unique as snowflakes – infinite designs.

You may not think like me nor I like you, but a very profound, and simple, truth prevails – the road to excellence has no finish line.

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