Necessity is the mother of invention

Glacier National Park mountain views
View from a trail 99.99% of hikers never hike. This trail goes behind and past Mt Reynolds.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Now is that time.

What time?

The time for necessity.

Here’s an opportunity…there’s a rising belief that millenials expect their personal problems (i call them challenges) to be business challenges – that business owners need to care about and solve their employee’s issues.

Fundamentally, i believe everyone is the CEO of You, Inc.

Meaning, you are personally responsible for everything in your life.

The opportunity is in equipping a generation of young adults who weren’t “parented to manifest personal ownership” – in essence, parenting has been dumped onto the shoulders of business owners.

If Disney Ran Your Life podcast may have an opportunity to help businesses empower their employees with personal responsibility.

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Walt Disney on product differentiation

Walt Disney and the Tiki birds photo
(Photo: Disney blog) Walt said aim for perfection, settle for excellence.


Were does jeff noel’s zealous attitude for excellence, details, and being the best you can be come from?

Directly from the DNA of Walt Disney.

Walt Disney wanted the audio-animatronic birds to breathe. He wanted their chests to inflate as their lungs filled before beginning the next chorus.

Our Imagineers told him him it was too much perfection, the audience wouldn’t see it.

Walt told them, “They may not see it, but they’ll feel it.”

The biggest challenge any organization must overcome is how to get their employee culture to pay attention to the smallest of details – details lost on the visible eye. Details that if no one sees it, is it still worth it?

Details that make you different, and better, than your competitors.

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Which comes first, big change or little change?

professional speaker wireless lavaliere on shirt
you speak to one million people one audience at a time


Which comes first, big change or little change?

Little change.

But where do we set our sights right away? Big change.

We see it with exercise all the time. Too much too soon, and then quitting.

And unfortunately, in business initiatives as well – all the time.

Slow and steady is how we create massive change.

It’s always been that way. Nature proves it.

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