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Rich Dad Poor Dad. Here is the life-changing take-away: When you work for someone else, you: Earn Pay Taxes Spend When you work for yourself, you: Earn Spend Pay Taxes I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box, but I get this. It took a lifetime, and a great book, but I get it now. […]

Seth Godin’s Top Book Picks

Seth Godin announced his November Top Book picks. Click here. Most people, like I was three months ago, are clueless who Seth Godin is. If you are serious about your career, and committed to becoming better at your leadership performance, and especially your leadership thinking, you better should become familiar with Seth Godin. I first […]

Are You Serious?

Are you serious about becoming better at what you do? I’m guessing that most people will answer, “Of course”. Gonna call your bluff.  Most people, and perhaps you’re the exception, just don’t have it in them to do the hard work . They have the dream, the desire, the will, but something is missing. The […]

jeff noel Crazy @ The Library

Purple Cow, Unleashing The Idea Virus, Permission Marketing, The Free Prize Inside, Tribes, The Dip, Survival Is Not Enough, All Marketers Are Liars, The Big Red Fez, Small Is The New Big, The Big Moo, Meatball Sundae – Seth Godin has written, marketed and sold some of the best books and ebooks, since 1999.

Is This A Purple Cow?

Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow, is about how to be remarkable.  If you’ve ever flown before, you know what a flight attendant does. Or do you: OK, I’ve seen a ton of flight attendants. There are the traditional items that must be covered. But how there are covered has yet to be defined, or may […]