Three simple choices in 2016

Florida sunrise reflection over golf course pond
On a run this past week to visit with a potential client staying at Disney World.


Working diligently, creatively, tirelessly, and joyfully is the only approach that makes the effort to stand out seem worthwhile.


Because standing out is virtually impossible.

Here’s to 2016 being the year you break away from the status quo.

Quick review of our three choices:

  1. Keep up with our competition
  2. Be the best in our category
  3. Become the category





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Being Brave Means Being Willing To Keep Experimenting With Increasing Better Ways To Write, Or Whatever

Nearly 30 years old...never heard of Jimmy Johns. Now there's one in Orlando.

Being a successful human being, as Baby Boomers well know, requires a continuous improvement approach to life. The real challenge is to know when we have landed on perfection and when we still have a long way to go. The only way to know is by trial and error. Never get bored with the basics, like experimentation. How do you know when to push and when to hold?

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Will You Become A Better Leader In 2012, the Best You’ve Ever Been?

Scouting is about personal leadership. Fitness is too.

Whether we Baby Boomers are overwhelmed with where to start to make improvements in 2012, or we’ve resigned ourselves to giving up because we’ve let too much go for too long – there is still hope. Lately, I end most posts with a thought sans advice, and pick up with that thought the next day. The only way to get better is to try to.

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Bet You Have It Too

Far Away?
Far Away?

Passion.  Bet you have a ton of passion.

Maybe you’re in a job where your passion thrives. Maybe you’re not.

Does passion make for a better worker?

Do you do your best work around something you’re passionate about?

How many leaders are in positions that got them a better title, a better paycheck, better meetings, and better perks, but took them further from their passion?

And then there are people who have found their passion, their dream job, but over the years they have allowed things beyond their control to poison themselves.

Imagine your own situation.

Better and Happier

It's Your Choice
It's Your Choice

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”unknown

That’s all there is to say today.

Not really. But I’m gonna zip it and hopefully the quote will plant a seed of greatness in your soul and your work this coming year – it’s only two days away.