Somebody Stop jeff noel Before He Gives Us So Many Examples We Can’t See Straight

In 1984 another dream, leave Washington State behind, and own a home within 5 minutes of Walt Disney World.

We had one car & two bikes, and lived 30 miles from work. Cheryl got the car. jeff noel peddled…30 miles each day to Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

It took 7 years to get out of debt and climb the ladder high enough to finally afford the dream. This is where we live today, our 2nd, and possibly, final home. Takes a John Deere to mow it.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. And be careful for what you wish for. Sometimes it’s a trap.

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What’s Your Big Dream?

Where Do You Stand?
Where Do You Stand?

Do you feel like quitting, giving up, or at the very least, backing down from reaching high?

Two of our most common feelings are:

  1. Dreaming Big Dreams
  2. Quitting because of the obstacles

So today’s thought for you to ponder, “What’s your big dream?”

And, “Are you still passionate about it or have you given up?”