Final 120 Days

Goodbye Big Bang Theory

Goodbye Big Bang Theory.

What a great final episode last night.

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Professionally Speaking

Professional do what inspires you today

Life's 5 Big Choices - Mid Life Celebration
Life’s 5 Big Choices – MONEY (lower right)


Do what inspires you today.

Life has five big choices:

4. money (work)

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Professionally Speaking

Some big venues, one of them tonight

small intimate setting with front row seat at Mark Victor Hanson session (world-record book sales holder)
small intimate setting with front row seat at Mark Victor Hanson session (world-record book sales holder)


What is a typical day like for an artist? Depends.

The Palace, Fargo Dome, Barclays Center, Super Dome, Amway Center.

Famous venues like these are were most of us go as spectators.

Today, the fifth one is added to a growing list of venues where I have not been a spectator.

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Being Brave

Being Brave Means Making Lots Of Decisions You’ve Never Had To Make Before

Makes sense.

Hardly a Baby Boomer alive that doesn’t feel they could write a book about their life. Hardly a Boomer alive who doesn’t dream of independence from the corporate world. Hardly anyone middle-age who doesn’t think they can do things better than the current system. Being brave means deciding to Go!

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Common Sense

The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger Challenges You To Consider This Opportunity

Typical day at the office for jeff noel, one of the Internet's most prolific bloggers

Everyday I write five short, pithy posts about life’s big choices, to help people think, smile and be grateful.

What began as a late blooming Father’s idea to leave a trail for his young son, has morphed into The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger. The beauty in beginning is that there’s a middle and an end. The trick is to start small (a new step forward) and never stop moving forward.

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