Could be one of my blind spots

Logan Pass
2016 GNP college buddy Dave.


Don’t know if it will last because it’s not my habit, but i’m consciously trying something new.

Rather than send emails as i write them, which happens seven days a week, from 5 AM to 10 PM, i’m not.

i’m holding the weekend and after-hours emails in draft format until the next available and traditional office hour arrives.

Sensing that not everyone is as driven or focused.

Could be one of my blind spots.

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Moments we catch ourselves thinking negatively about someone

big drainage pipes in Orlando site
Obvious. Important. Then buried. Invisible to everyone but ourselves.


Our greatest opportunities for self improvement are those moments when we catch ourselves thinking negatively about someone.

It’s a weird (cruel?) reality.

What we dislike in another, is almost assuredly a blind spot within ourselves.

The revealing of our blind spot(s) should be joyful.

Because now we know.

And we can train ourselves to change and become better.

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Rather than medicating ourselves with the shortcomings of others

Florida Fall clouds
Letting things go becomes easier with practice (and can be mastered over time)


Nearly everyone we observe (including ourselves) sees everyone else’s shortcomings. And they say, so-and-so just needs to do this or do that.

And they think so-and-so should just use common sense.

Was thinking, if common sense was the answer, then wouldn’t we all be positive, fit, peaceful, fulfilled, finically secure, a model employee or leader, organized, etc?

The beauty about overmanaging our personal responsibility is that we become very well rounded and successful at delivering balanced life results.

And when this happens, we feel so good about ourselves (even with our many shortcomings) because of the harmonious alignment of our energy (and results).

Something magical happens. We no longer worry about what others do or don’t do.

Don’t get me wrong, we are fully aware of our surroundings, but we focus our energy on self-improvement rather than medicating ourselves with the shortcomings of others.

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Routine Maintenance

Most people really want to do their best. Probably a remnant of our basic caveman ancestry to figure out how to stay alive.

But the fear of being eaten is long gone, and we drift, unintentionally, toward the abyss of going through the motions.

I often wonder if the plank others see in my eye is as big as the one I see in theirs.