You’re a good person is the good news (it’s also the bad news)

The good news is you’re a good person. Wait, there’s some bad news too. The bad news is you’re a good person. Good is the enemy of great. Great gets us closer to thriving – personal vibrancy. Good gets us closer to mediocrity – personal surviving. Learn, unlearn, relearn. This is great. Watch the Blockchain […]

Leadership is seeing the future before anyone else

Leaders see the future before anyone else. And the best followers are early adopters. Risk-takers, both of them. And without both, our lives would not progress with the breakthroughs. We need one person to identify and the other person to embrace. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about […]

Ready or not, blockchain will make Google obsolete

              Ready or not, blockchain will make Google obsolete. What? The way internet-streaming, You Tube, Netflix, and every other internet-based media platform is making television programming obsolete. Who would have ever thought TV would crumble? Be willing to unlearn, and relearn. Have fun. The ride is happening. Your mindset […]