What If Someone Would Have Told Me I’d Never Become A Prolific Blogger?

Neve intended to travel everywhere with a teddy bear either.

First, to be fair, I never intended to become a prolific blogger. Ever. Nor did I tell anyone I wanted to, or was going to, become one. Ever. But the fact is, for 1,060 consecutive days, I’ve posted 5 daily, differently-themed blogs, without fail…

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Blogging And Social Media If Done Well, Can Spread Ideas Faster Than Any Other Medium

Epcot's Spaceship Earth Helps Disney Guests Understand The History of Communication

Running TV or newspaper ads is expensive. Or use You Tube, Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, their cost is almost zero.

Hardly a company out there that doesn’t have a “follow us” on Facebook and Twitter. Why is that? Duh. These viral addresses are now as important as a physical address used to be.

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