Blogging is a vision of the future

Magic Kingdom guidebook
This is the year Jungle Jeff retired from Disney.

Blogging is a vision of the future.

Every day you pause to think…

What did i learn yesterday?

What do i get to do today?

What do i hope for tomorrow?

Live like you’ll die tomorrow. Plan like you’ll live forever.

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Insane is as insane does

Disney loyalty speakers
Branded photo? Of course. When you Google “World record for most blog posts by a single author”, you will hopefully see this photo.

Insane is as insane does.

Not sure if there’s any point in starting an 11th year of daily prolific blog writing.

Two mornings from now, that will be one of two options. The other option is to stop writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts.

What’s the point of continuing?

The cumulative effort from a decade of five-a-day blogging (minimum) has resulted in having written over 2,000 more blog posts than the current posted world record for the number of blog posts written by a single (professional) author.

The posted Guinness world record is 17, 212 posts.

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World-class comes with a price

Disney Keynote Speaker
5-a-day blogging was supposed to last 100 days, but i honestly had zero confidence i could make it a week. Bottomline, i needed to practice writing in order to write my first book (above).


World-class comes with a price.

There are uncommon, and unconventional, categories in the business world that are relatively unknown.

How about the category, “She does what she says she’s gonna do?”

No one is competing to be the best in the world at this. Not really. And certainly not officially.

With deep humility (corny, yet true), i believe i’d be a contender.

A promise.

Two hours a day.

Seven days a week.

Fifty-two weeks a year.

Eight consecutive years.

That’s 2,922 straight days without missing a single day.

At five daily, differently-themed blog posts, that’s 14,610 posts.

This is post 14,614 and day 2,923.

Year nine began 90 minutes ago.

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About jeff noel

Bucket of blueberries
Hi, i’m jeff and i like blueberries.


Bucket of blueberries
Hand-picked yesterday.


About jeff noel…

As the trusted, authoritative voice on the Disney approach to business excellence, jeff noel uses Disney’s common sense business insights and personal Disney examples from his 30 years delivering and teaching the Disney Magic at Walt Disney World and around the globe. jeff excites and challenges individuals and organizations to enhance their own unique brand of organizational vibrancy by using Disney’s cultural blueprints as their guide.

For over three decades, jeff noel has inspired countless leaders and thousands of companies to discover ways to transformationally impact their corporate culture and the people they serve. He motivates others through engaging immersion in the five-category leadership chain of excellence. Unique to jeff is the opportunity to learn from his powerful backstage research, and understand first-hand how Disney strategies and tactics are “operationalized” for daily business excellence. Leaders walk away understanding how jeff’s content architecture can be adapted and applied to any employee at any level, and any company, in any industry.


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Five-a-Day for 87 months without missing a single day, part 4















Five-a-Day for 87 months without missing a single day, part 4. Five-a-Day for 87 months without missing a single day.




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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.