Darwin Disney?

“It not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” .Charles Darwin

Keep moving forward.   — Walt Disney

Friday night my son and I watched “Meet the Robinsons” on The Disney Channel.  At the very end of the Disney movie is Walt Disney’s quote.

Do you know what Charles Darwin and Walt Disney are trying to say?

Turn The Page

Effective August 1, 2009, I tweaked jungle jeff’s focus.

Jungle Jeff began over 200 posts ago, with a single. solitary purposeto drive hopeful business professionals to Disney Institute’s website.

jungle jeff has always been my personal site.  From day one, key people appreciated the transparency.

Working desperately hard, jungle jeff became an informal and organic place to create interest in Disney Institute.

I kept my big ideas and big goals in check.  Yet still managed to have great fun – the way Walt Disney himself would have exuded a childlike excitement about pushing the boundaries to traditional methods.

When I started, there were few, if any, rules written about corporate social media policy, and jungle jeff began, and operated for many months without official policy or guidelines.

Along the way, very few invisible lines were crossed, and with eager adaptation, jungle jeff kept going. All in the name of progress and the pursuit of something Walt Disney made famous – excellence.

Progress, pursuing excellence, and staying ahead of competition in these tough economic times does not come risk free.

It’s been the equivalent, for me, to getting an MBA.  World class effort, time and worry invested that will always remain invisible.  It’s the price that had to be paid.

Thank you to the people who believed in this idea, and provided feedback and support.

While I will no longer talk directly about Disney Institute, I will continue to share valuable insights on how Walt Disney, the man, and a hero, has made me a better person.

And who doesn’t want to be a better person?  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Explaining the Impact of Twitter, Friendfeed and Social Media 2.0

Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor, used Twitter to announce the birth of his son yesterday.

Lance Armstrong gets it.  I get it.  Question is, “What about everyone else who’s focused on excellence”? Having said that, now may I challenge you to click the next link?

Explaining Social Media slide show.  It’s only 37 slides from Slide Share

This is one of the best, and most provocative insights to web 2.0

I ask myself at the end of everyday, “Did I give it my all, and leave nothing on the track“?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Explaining the Impact of Twitter, Friendfeed and Social Media 2.0.  Be sure to click the full screen icon for a much better view.