Here’s Why I’m Right

The title here will ruffle some feathers and simultaneously, get others to cheer.  Why?  Because, as the 1960’s psychedelic rock band The Doors summed up in one of their songs, “People are strange.” One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  You get the point. So how does working seven days a week lend itself to […]

Wasn’t Looking for This

Writing five blogs every day has wonderful, and may I audaciously say, transformational benefits.  Far beyond what was ever thought possible.  And yet…. What comes along with the good – and everyone knows this as a “truth” – is the bad.  The bad in this case is writers block.  My first little bout came and […]

Wait, There’s More

My friend, a true Disney fan, even went as far as suggesting, “You really need to be an expert before people will follow you”. And I thought out loud, “Really”? So this led to a decent discussion about: How do you become an expert?  It certainly isn’t overnight How do you develop a following?  It too, […]

Recognize These Experts?

The big question today, “What makes a person an expert”? Recognize these experts?  Here’s a small list to get you ready for today’s main post, which is separate. Equality – Martin Luther King Humility – Mother Teresa Creativity – Walt Disney Winning – John Wooden Independence – Ghandi Speed – Usain Bolt Okay, ready?  I’m […]