When We Don’t Go, We Make Mistakes, But We Don’t Make Any Progress

We really don't want to focus on the obvious so we medicate & distract ourselves

Two types of mistakes a Baby Boomer can make, says Midlife Celebration’s prolific blogger jeff noel. The first is in trying, but failing. These are good, honest mistakes. Fail, yes. Quit no. More often though, in midlife, we make the dangerous second type…

The second type of mistake is an act of omission, in not trying. As we inch closer to 2012, consider making a bold, but not stupid, move. Three years ago on January 1, 2008, noel started an LLC. Scary, yes. Bold, yes. Go.

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The Opposite Of Go Is To Not Go…Doesn’t Get Any Clearer Than This, Does It?

It’s not unlikely that midlife Baby Boomers will feel lost, or maybe as if their life is going in circles. With our inherited wisdom and acute awareness of common sense, we Boomers are really at the threshold of something great – the opportunity to follow our childhood dreams. Truly, to be happy, and then to be at peace, we must go.

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