The treadmill of life?

Four characteristics for job satisfaction


(photo: these four characteristics are self evident, yet rare)

So difficult to imagine staying in a job or career that feels like work.

Was reminded of that yesterday while renewing the Florida Driver’s License.

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Do I ever get tired of blogging?

inspirational speakers
in each and every meeting it is my duty to inspire others transformationally

Do I ever get tired of blogging? No. Someone asked me recently if I ever get tired of speaking. No, I said. I approach speaking the same way a heart surgeon must approach each heart surgery – like it matters more than anything.

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When We Get Older

When we get older we confuse boredom with hunger. We’re bored, so we eat.

In our youth, it’s reversed – we confuse hunger with boredom.

In the first, we drift so far away from our best, we can’t recall the last time we were great.

In the latter, we are so hungry to do something great, but lack confidence and skill. So we get bored being ordinary and blending in, quit, and take our place in the line labeled mediocre.

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