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What we all want from our boss but would stumble to identify instantaneously

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I’m his boss. What should a parent expect their child expects from them?


What we all want from our boss but would stumble to identify instantaneously:

Trust, respect, development.

Can’t believe decades went by before the answer to the question seemed important to know and be able to clearly articulate in an instant.

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Do Not Collect

Do You Stand A Chance?

Snowball's Chance In...
Snowball's Chance In...

Today the polling stations are open from 7AM until 7PM. We mailed our absentee ballot last week.

Are people voting this year for the best candidate?

Or, for the one who isn’t the worst?

The campaign ads in Central Florida this year were especially negative. Repetitively and obnoxiously negative.


Anyway, if your boss could pick her team over again, would she pick you?

Yesterday’s post and today’s post reminds us of one important fact. Being positive or negative is our choice. And it also goes both ways.


Nine Questions to Ask Your Boss

Occasionally, I post what I think is relevant, but not necessarily business content.  For a variety of reasons, I thought this one was timely.

Here’s a Career Builder article I just received from Earthlink.

Nine questions to ask your boss.

Make it a GREAT day, because if you don’t, who will?  If not today, when?

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂