The great Summer of 2012

Is it idiotic to put yourself out there as an easy target for the dart throwers?

Florida Senate debate
the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree (Chapin Noel in mock Senate debate, May 2012)

As boundary-pushers and other professional antagonists fully understand, we become a target for all the career naysayers and folks living in mediocrity-ville.

When you least expect it, a voice in the night will tell you, “It’s not who you are. It’s not what you do. It’s not what you have. It’s only about who you love and who loves you.”

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PS. Let them be the reason you push. Never forget that.

Anyone Else Think Like This?

What Have You Got To Lose?

Pushy People Ultimately Become Successful
Pushy People Ultimately Become Successful

This is the question that echos in our lizard brain.

We focus on survival.

Not on pushing the boundaries.

Boundary pushers don’t intend to make others feel uncomfortable, but they do.

Why is that?

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