Could This Change Your Life?

Absolutely, either way

The world's top Disney experts
Moments before getting to chat with the Mayor of Main Street USA, 2014


Does Steve Jobs’ legacy inspire you?

Does Walt Disney’s life inspire you?

Ok, not a trick question…

Does your life inspire you?

There can be only one answer and “no” is not it.


Absolutely, if you believe it to be.

Not impossible?

Absolutely, if you believe it to be.

Want inspiring?

One-hundred days ago, i wrote and published this post – it was the same day i wrote this one.

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Being Brave

It scared you because you felt safe

Disney Conference Speakers
Have passed through here a million times.


Dear self, this is genius. The way you step up. Your intentions. The way you structure your classes. Your analogies. Your metaphors. Your questions. Your vision.

And what did you get paid?

Compared to a compelling speaker with a great platform, peanuts. Literally nothing compared to what you get paid now.

(Don’t get yourself wrong, you wouldn’t trade the past for anything.)

Genius has boldness. (Yes, this is the reverse of Boldness has genius.)

Congratulations on breaking the mold.

And congratulations for doing what you said you were gonna do.

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Being Brave

Does leadership get better?


(note: this post was written 100 days ago on March 20, and edited this morning)

A new era of leadership begins for many people.

Working at Walt Disney World for 30 years, my number of gay and lesbian friends is countless. Today’s youth are so much luckier to be growing up in today’s more open and accepting world than my colleagues in the video.

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(second note: who could have predicted the June 26the Supreme Court ruling 100 days ago?)

Being Brave

The way we’ve lived and earned is going to become obsolete

iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus size comparison


(photo: the iPhone 5s (far right) used to be the worlds coolest phone, now it has two new models to expedite it’s obsolescence)

Meeting with the Certified Financial planner tomorrow morning.

Hoping to eliminate any apprehension about moving forward boldly.

The way we’ve lived and earned is going to become obsolete.

Hard to see in the moment, but not for the visionary.

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Being Brave

How brave are you?

trapped Opossum
Instinct is just that, instinct. Trust your gut. Instinct is deeply embedded survival DNA.


How brave are you?

The typical corporate meeting were leadership isn’t viewed as effective. Survey results prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So the leadership goes on a retreat, comes back all fired up, and empowers people to be brave and bold.


Just like that?

Flip a switch and trust is commonplace?

Guess again.


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